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Clinical Nutrition and the M-Field

The Human Energy Field, the Morphogenic Field, is an excellent source of information to find energy issues in the body and also already holds all of the answers for finding totally natural health solutions that grow and balance the M-Field. It originates (“genic”) positive change (“morph”). With a larger and more balanced M-Field comes greater health. It is an integrated holistic approach that involves 100% natural and nutritional protocols custom matched to each individual’s needs. 


Gratitude and Praise

I just wanted to let everyone know that I owe my life to Alex, with Modern Nutrition. Imagine 2 years straight of migraine type headaches, every day, all day, every night, all night. I had seen doctors, chiropractors, and neurologists, many tests, many trial medicines, one of the doctors even treated me for vascular spasms behind my eyes and told me that if I kept having them it could lead to a stroke. Then I heard about Alex through co-workers, “what do I have to lose”… Seen her, she put me on a program and after about a week and half, headaches got less frequent and less severe. About 2 ½ weeks into the program. WOW, first time in 2 years no headache. I owe it all to you Alex. Thank you, thank you , thank you. Jody

Patient-specific counseling, targeted supplements, and a nutritionist who listens more than speaks - what more could you ask for? I was comfortable before, now I'm confident. This is a maintenance plan I am happy to stick with. Let food be thy medicine, and let Alex be thy practitioner. T.F.

I had been experiencing migraines since I was ten years old. At that time I would get one about every six months. As I moved into my twenties they became more frequent, about one every two or three months. After having two children & turning thirty I found I was getting migraines at least once a week. I started seeing Alex in May and since then, almost three months later, I've lost 15 pounds and haven't had a single migraine!  A.K.

I had the pleasure of being evaluated at Modern Nutrition by Alex, and I can tell you that she was spot on with her findings, and recommendations. I began my program immediately, and I am already sleeping better. I drove an 1 1/2 to see her, and I can tell you it was well worth it, and I will do it again when I need to. Merrill is lucky to have Alex. Dr. M

I think since starting the program I am just more aware of my body.... If I don’t feel good, why? If I have a headache, why? If I’m itchy, why? I know what a healthy body/person should feel like now so when I don’t feel that way I know something is wrong and I want to know why and fix it so I don’t feel that way again. M.N.

I want to tell everyone that I am really feeling good today. I wrote here yesterday about how much better I felt after seeing Alex, but I will tell you that today, I feel even better. I didn't tell Alex about my right shoulder discomfort as I initially hurt it in a fall last winter. The shoulder has hurt that long and I am too stubborn to have anyone else look at it. It would wake me up at night if I would roll over on it. Well, last night after being on Alex's recommended program for me, I have absolutely no pain with it this morning and I feel like I can get back to the gym and work the upper body again like before. I even slept so good that when I woke up at my usual 5:45 this morning I thought I was late for work. Thanks, Alex. You have no idea how much you've helped me. R.M.

Dear Alex, I am so grateful that I decided to start Nutrition Response Testing with you. My main reason for doing this was to see if I was taking the correct supplements. I also have issues with anxiety and depression and clearing my throat a lot. I was tested and you gave me the correct supplements and I have seen quite a bit of improvement in anxiety and the throat issue plus am sleeping better. I am comforted in knowing that you can tell when and where my body is lacking in nutrition. I hope many see the benefits of what you can do for them. I look forward to all of my visits with you. P.H.

I am definitely not as tired. I find myself at least feeling guilty about not getting things done now. Whereas before I didn't even have the energy to entertain ‘guilt.’ I have even begun getting things done at home. I am beginning to care about my diet again. So, those are all very positive signs for me. N.W.

Dear Alex, I am so grateful that I decided to start seeing you. My main reason for doing this was to see if I was taking the correct supplements. I also have issues with anxiety and depression and clearing my throat a lot. I was tested and you gave me the correct supplements and I have seen quite a bit of improvement in anxiety and the throat issue plus am sleeping better. I am comforted in knowing that you can tell when and where my body is lacking in nutrition. I hope many see the benefits of what you can do for them. I look forward to all of my visits with you. P.H.

I was really sceptical when I first started going to Alex. My wife and other people had praised how well Nutrition Response Testing worked so I started going due to issues with Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is an annoying thing to have. I had been dealing with it so long that I didn't think I could get it under control. I do not like going to doctors as they just want to patch the problem with drugs, which can give you worse side effects than what you are fixing.

After seeing Alex for just a little less than three months I have no more issues with Irritable Bowel. I feel SO GREAT not having to know where a bathroom is. M.S.

Hi Alex. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I know I haven't been in for awhile, but I do believe I have more energy because you got me on track. My new job keeps me moving, and I don't think I could have done it had I not come to see you. I have felt more energetic, I am happy. I have gone down 3 sizes in pants since I was in to see you last. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in my life. E.S.

In the few months that I have seen Alex, I went from thinking that exhaustion at the end of the work day and sluggish feeling was normal for me, it’s oaky to not be regular, It’s NOT.  Alex made me more aware of what I am eating, and that I can and will feel better. I am feeling so much better, I have more energy at the end of the day. I am really happy that I found her. S.C.

[In my email at 4:19am this morning from a patient who got the flu night before last]  Alex, Thank you so much for helping me out. I literally feel 99% better. I am in shock.I am so glad I found you online and made the first step to contacting you.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! T.F.

It's been almost a year since I started seeing Alex and I've never felt better. My dad and brother just started today too, and are very excited! I would beyond recommend her to anyone. Last year I met my health insurance deductible by February. This year, I haven't been to the Dr once, and I feel better than I ever have. Going to her changed my life for the better.  J.H.

I went to see Alex because I was tired of being tired. I was eating relatively well, but her testing found that I was sensitive to gluten and sugar. after researching alternatives, I went gluten-free and low sugar a couple months later. Between my new way of eating and the supplements that Alex suggested, my health quickly began to recover. I am very energetic and am sleeping well every night. I have lost weight and am no longer pre-diabetic. My blood pressure is once again normal, and my cholesterol level is reduced. without Alex's testing, I would have never had this great improvement in my health. I am very grateful for her guidance. S.K.

Seeing Alex and being introduced to Clinical Nutrition has been enlightening to say the least. After finally getting sick of being given something to simply mask the symptoms of whatever ailment my family was dealing with, I decided to take the recommendation of a friend and give nutrition a try. I wish I would have discovered Alex years ago! My 15 month old son has had his eczema, which was pretty bad, healed, and several other symptoms that I now know were caused by a buildup of toxins in his body significantly improved. She did not just treat his symptoms, but the root of the problem causing them is solved by the changes in his diet and the supplements she suggested to us. I cannot thank her enough for her role in getting my family truly healthy! L.B.

I see Alex on a maintenance basis now as we have handled all of my major health concerns over the past few years. I usually just go in to get my Nutrition program updated every so often or when something new pops up. Last week, my lungs felt congested and my eyes were puffy and red. I couldn’t trace it back to diet or make up or anything that I had changed. I got in right away to see Alex and she found an immune challenge affecting my lungs and eyes and gave me exactly what I needed. By the next morning my eyes were clear and my lungs were feeling better. I really feel like my symptoms would have lingered on for much longer if I hadn’t done something about it. I love knowing that no matter what comes up, I can get answers and have it handled safely and naturally. R.A.

About a year ago I started developing a rash that became persistently worse. I went to multiple doctors, including specialists, but nobody could figure out what was wrong. I was given creams, which everyone knows is not good for the body. I was told there would probably not be an answer given to me, but rather to use the creams the rest of my life. I had dealt with the excruciating pain of this rash and embarrassment that went along with it but no doctor seemed to really care about what I was going through. I slowly was giving up hope, but one day I randomly decided to Google something related to organic or holistic health in Merrill. But little did I know that the next decision that I made would completely transform my life into something so life changing. I came across “Modern Nutrition” and noticed the testing that Alex had offered. I saw there was a contact page so I messaged her thinking that this probably wouldn’t work because lets face it who checks their “website” emails. Well not too shortly after sending that message I received an email back from Alex and I was simply speechless when she told me that she could help me, but with no 100% guarantee at the time because I needed to be tested first. I made an appointment and found so many things wrong internally that I was in shock, but Alex was so calm about everything and made me feel like she truly cares about me. I never felt that way with a doctor before. I was quite skeptical about the whole process because nothing in the past worked. Alex reassured me that everything would workout and her confidence alone made me feel that this would work. I struggled the next couple of months with the rash but it was lessening each month and now I’m to the point, after doing this nutrition program for approximately seven to eight months, where I can say I haven’t had that rash come back for a couple of months now. I even had to stop taking my supplements for a month due to surgery. To my amazement that rash didn’t come back. I am back on track with my supplements again and I am still doing great. I can honestly say that Alex has completely changed my life for the better and I trust her with my life. Whenever I have any health problem I contact her ASAP because I know she will find the answer. Thank you Alex for being one of the most kindest and compassionate people I have ever met. Not only have you helped me in so many ways but you also have helped my sister as well. I will forever be grateful for your hard work and dedication. T.F.

I was referred to Alex by a friend. I love what the program has done for me. I have detoxed a lot of job related radiation, have more energy and just overall feel better. Alex’s program takes the guesswork out of supplements.B.B.

I have struggled with digestive issues most of my life, to the point of being afraid to eat out in fear of having to bolt to the bathroom. Through trial and error, I had learned that my body is allergic to soy. This discovery helped a bit but not to the point of me being comfortable to eat in social situations. Also, as I have gotten older, my anxiety levels have gotten worse. I have always been a “worry wort” but sometimes I just couldn’t let things go. I have known Alex most of my life. I know that she is passionate about helping people to get answers about their health and body, so when I saw her free initial consultation period back in July of 2016  I thought to myself, why not try it. When Alex tested me, she encouraged me to take supplements. Once I began taking them, it was almost immediate that I saw results with my body.  When I would come into an appointment and she would ask, “How is your anxiety?” it occurred to me that I wasn’t worrying about things as much. Yes, some things in life got to me but not to the point of me worrying all the time about the result. I would think about a situation and let it go, so to speak. I also noticed that my digestive system wasn’t as fragile as before. I could feel comfortable to eat out in social situations. Another benefit I realized along the way was I have more energy to do thing. I am now on the maintenance program and I am so much better. Alex is very knowledgeable and passionate about wanting to help each client. I can come to an appointment and tell her my body is a little off, she will test me and find the cause and within a day, I feel better. I am so glad that I went to Alex. She has helped me mind, body and soul! Thank you Alex!! M.L.

I started my journey with Alex after being told by numerous friends to give her a try for my migraines. I have had migraines since about age 7, and I'm now 31. Over the past couple years, they have gotten so much worse. I started to get them daily for about 6 months straight. Some got so bad that they landed me in the ER, where I was pumped full of awful medicines but I felt like I was literally going to die.  I had seen 4 neurologists, made diet changes, tried almost 20 different daily prescription medications, did physical therapy, tried acupuncture (which did help for a while but got expensive as insurance doesn't cover and I had to go 2 times a week to keep seeing results), tried chiropractic care and tried frequent massage therapy. All of which were not the answer for relief. I had made an appointment to see one more neurologist at a big name hospital. I finally had enough when I left there with a prescription that I had to sign a waiver for due to the severe negative side effects and was told by the neurologist to drink a Mountain Dew and take No doze when I'm getting a migraine. I never got the prescription filled. I thought I had exhausted all outlets and was just going to have to live with the excruciating pain for the rest of my life. I finally gave in to my friends and contacted Alex on her website. I thought I've tried everything else, what's one more. She immediately got back to me and we set up my consultation appointment. At my first appointment, Alex was very confident she could help me get relief. I had my doubts as I had heard that before but I tried to keep an open mind. I had never experienced an appointment like Alex's. She sets supplements on you and uses your am to test if your body needs certain things. At first I thought, what in the world is this and how is this going to work? She explained everything and had given me reading materials on her practice. During the first couple appointments I did not see any change in my migraines. She kept telling me to keep seeing her as this can take some time to break through. We tried numerous supplements and it took about 10 appointments but we finally had our breakthrough. We found the right mix of supplements that started to get me relief!!! I'm still seeing Alex but my migraines have improved by about 95%!! She was absolutely right when she told me to stick with the process. I had wanted to give up when we weren't getting any relief during the first few visits, but I am so happy I did. I highly recommend Alex to anyone who suffers not only from migraines but any health issue. Believe in her process! Thank you Alex! M.T.

"Alex is amazing! I found myself experiencing daily headaches and sudden onset of anxiety type symptoms. I had several tests done including numerous lab tests, CT scan with no significant findings that would explain my symptoms. I was frustrated and felt like I was at a loss. I went to see Alex and within a week was feeling so much better! Not only did my headaches and anxiety type symptoms improve, but Alex helped me along my journey with other symptoms as well. I have always experienced heartburn, taking Prilosec (or something similar) nearly daily and an antacid several times a day. I was also taking a prescription for elevated blood pressure. I no longer take that prescription medication OR Prilosec with the supplements I am receiving. Alex is great to work with! She is always willing to listen and is willing to work with your Medical Primary Provider as well. I can’t thank her enough!" D.R.