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Thursday 9 November 2017

How to Find the Best Doctor

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How to Find the Best Doctor

Do you see whatever doctor you can get into? Or do you shop around before you decide who to hire? They work for you remember, you hire them for their services and you pay them accordingly.

Our healthcare system is broken but if everyone took control of their own healthcare and made educated decisions on who to see and who to pay, demand WOULD change and then, so would supply- for the better.

I have some criteria that I think is pretty valuable when determining who should be trusted with our health of body (and soul and mind). First we have to agree on a few things. Well, we don’t have to agree but this set of advice isn’t for people who think that symptom suppression is the greatest gift of our time. So here are the things:

  1. Healthy people are not on prescription drugs. (They don’t require them).
  2. Prescription drugs do not make anyone healthier. (They alleviate or deaden symptoms).
  3. Health is ultimately the responsibility of the patient, not the doctor. I’m not talking about stitching up your own wound or performing your own emergency surgery, I’m talking about health and wellness vs. sickness.
  4. Health is more than an absence of symptoms, it is the presence of abundant life energy and vitality.

Once you have a clear view of what health is and why you want it for your family, here are the criteria for finding someone who can enhance your life, give you answers and be worthy to be on your wellness journey with you (this is my list, you can use it, borrow it, amend it, but whatever you do, make it yours before you put it into action):

  1. How many patients in the practice are on pharmaceutical drugs? Is this the first resort for symptom management from the doctor? If most are on pharmaceutical drugs and a prescription is the first line of offense in the health of the patient, keep looking. They should be a last resort.
  2. How many patients come off of prescription drugs in the practice and is this the goal of the doctor? If people heal, they will no longer require a synthetic substance to override their problem. So if people aren’t coming off of medications, keep looking.
  3. Are herbal remedies, whole food vitamins, natural options encouraged or discouraged? If discouraged, why? Keep looking. Side note: Alternative practitioners want to work with your team, not be your team.
  4. Does the doctor ask about diet and lifestyle and believe that these are contributing factors in health? If not, keep looking. It’s that simple.
  5. Does the doctor provide informed consent for all medical intervention and procedures? Informed consent means permission is granted by the patient in the knowledge of the possible consequences for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits. This includes medications, procedures and vaccinations. If you’re not getting full informed consent and are expected to submit yourself or your family to whatever a doctor wants, please see the first paragraph and keep looking.
  6. Does the doctor help sick people get well? What is their record for people who come in and go out that feel better as opposed to no change, worse or in need of another doctor? If people are not getting better on a consistent basis, keep looking.
  7. Does your doctor study disease and what makes people die or the human body and what makes people live? If their text books and direction came largely from pharmaceutical companies, keep looking. Choose actual health. And remember that the pharmaceutical company’s responsibility is to their shareholders NOT their customers.

Those are all pretty easy to determine by asking questions. And if you find yourself in a practice that doesn’t fit YOU or doesn’t feel right, leave. Find someone else. There are great options out there no matter who you are or where you are.

Now, have we disqualified most professionals in the Western Medical model? Yeah probably. Is that a problem? No. In our country medical doctors seem to get away with treating their patients/customers like they have the upper hand and this is because we treat them like deities which will stop when people educate themselves on their options and take personal responsibility of their health. If everyone demanded actual healthcare instead of sick care, medical doctors would have to get better (or lift the veil that pharmaceutical companies and their indoctrination have placed over them). Regardless, there are options. There are good doctors and there are literally thousands of good practitioners out there. Just make sure they fit YOUR criteria.

My primary care physician is my chiropractor. But really, anyone but me is secondary to me because I accept responsibility for the health of my family and I achieve it with regular visits to our chiropractor, organic food, clean water (no fluoride or medications found in city water), no vaccines, no chemicals in our house, a focus on emotional health, and lots of help from Clinical Nutrition (if you need help finding someone in your area, I might be able to provide some resources). I do not expect anyone to “make” me better. I know that only I can make the changes necessary to achieve optimal health and I use my resources to guide me on that path. I also don’t wait until a miracle is needed to put me or my family back together, even though those around perform miracles everyday.

I often draft emails and messages asking for advice or answers and I hardly ever have to hit “Send.” Because usually, I know the answer. Sometimes I don’t want to hear it which is why I considered asking the question in the first place, so that I could somehow twist my personal circumstance to justify a choice or decision but the truth is always the truth and the answers are always within us or our reach. I do use a ton of resources for help, this is just a reminder to check with yourself and see what you already know and use it.

If you drink soda/smoke/have a shitty attitude/insert destructive behavior here and have a health issue, you need to confront the fact that you need to change. There is no magic anywhere in this world that will allow you to consistently poison yourself with a food or drink or addiction or mentality. However, if you are willing to change anything, no matter how small, there are people who will support you and can help you toward true healing and health. You’re worth it.

You are either cause or effect in life. Things either happen to you or they happen because of you. The current overarching role of government along with our force-fed medical system promote dependency which makes people think that they don’t need to be in control because someone is looking out for them when nothing could be further from the truth. The government, the pharmaceutical companies and the rest of the massive corporations (think Monsanto/Bayer and “food” companies) don’t want you to ask questions. And how’s that going for us? Hopefully the questions above help you on your course toward health and happiness.

Question everything and don’t underestimate yourself ever. It’s all already in all of us.